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Abandoned Laboratory

A capture-the-flag map prototype based on the Unreal Tournament.

Allowing players with different play styles to perform themselves.

Click here to download this map.

Team: Solo project

Role: Level Designer

Tools: Unreal

Timeline:  2 weeks


  • Build level prototypes in Unreal engine.

  • Apply the knowledge learned in school to the actual level building.

  • Provides ways for both impulsive and conservative players to gain the advantage.

Top-Down Map

Map Layout

Level Flow Map


Map Feature

  • Multiple Uses for One Object: Obstacles are designed with full consideration of metrics.  For the same object, players can ignore it while standing and shooting, use it as cover while crouching, and can barely jump over it at extreme heights.


Design of Obstacle

  • Offensive & Defensive Routes: The map provides high platforms and sniper rifles for defensive-minded players to defend, and routes around the back for offensive-minded players.


Defensive Spots


Offensive Routes

  • Asymmetrical Design: There are subtle differences between the red and blue sides of the map, providing players with a unique experience and different tactical arrangements.


Left Side


Right Side

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