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Journey Farm

Journey Farm is an adventure game. You will drive your vehicle with a magic farm on board.

Explore the large map, gather, collect, cultivate plants, sell them to various villages, listen to the stories of NPCs and connect with them.

Team: 8

Role: Game / Level Designer

Tools: Unity

Timeline:  Under development


  • This project is still under development and the information on this page may not be complete.

  • This project is developed in a fully Chinese environment, you may encounter language barriers when viewing images, sorry!


  • Collaborating with industry professionals to produce gameplay elements.

  • Writing professional design documents as required.

  • Studied the Chinese design strategy and applied it to the actual production.

Key achievements

  • Applying 360° approach by designing multiple playstyles in a single map.

  • Blending design ideas from different regions and inspiring the team to appeal to a global market.

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