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Trichromatic Witch

Trichromatic Witch is a short puzzle game based on the theme Joined Together. 

In the game, you can combine or split the color elements to solve the puzzles. 

The game is made in 48 hours during the 2021 GMTK Game Jam.

Click here to play the game, or click here to download the game and view the full credits.

Team: 7

Role: Game / Level Designer

Tools: Unity

Timeline:  48 hours


  • This project is developed in a fully Chinese environment, you may encounter language barriers when viewing images, sorry!


  • Produced effective documentation to communicate with the team in a limited time.

  • Guided the Brainstorming process based on specific game topics.

  • Designed game levels to provide players with an intriguing completed game loop.

Key achievements

  • Managed a team of seven members and assigned tasks based on their level of expertise.

  • Developed projects from scratch and successfully navigated the iteration and progression of game design.

Game Design Doctument

Level Design Doctument

Asset Reference List

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